The following quotations appear atop the anti-Semitic screed to which I am responding:

“THE JEWS ARE NOT ISRAELITES . . . the hard truth is coming out . . . be prepared as you read this . . .”

“Jews of various groups do not share the same genetic makeup–there is no ‘Jewish nation’”

The first quote cited above is based on the false premise that “Jews” and “Israelites” are generally considered to be synonymous terms. The fact is, that the Jews are one part of the Israelite nation, i.e. one of the tribes of Israel. The Jews are of the tribe of Judah, “Jew” being an abbreviation for Judah. The first usages of this abbreviation were in 2Kings 16:6, and 2Kings 25:25. Therefore the term is quite ancient, quite biblical, its origin having nothing at all to do with the Khazars, or with Europe generally. After the Assyrian deportation of the ten tribes in the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C.E., the only tribes remaining in viable form of the twelve were Judah and Benjamin, the latter eventually becoming incorporated into the former, the former being the tribe of royalty and hence the more dominant. The second quote cited in the piece under question is the conclusion of the writer’s inaccurate and obtuse screed. To say that “there is no ‘Jewish nation’” because “Jews of various groups do not share the same genetic makeup” is as absurd as saying Americans are not a nation because “Americans of various groups do not share the same genetic makeup.” The point is, some nations have immigration and naturalization policies allowing people from other lands and cultures to be incorporated into them; and other nations, throughout history, have been invaded by foreign entities which have ultimately been incorporated into the main stock of the conquered entity. England is an excellent example of this: various tribes inhabited what is now known as the British Isles, such as the Picts, the Celts, the Scots. The were subsequently invaded by the Angles, and then invaded by the Saxons, and then invaded by the Normans, themselves originally of Nordic descent having invaded France and having been incorporated into the French population. (I pass over the Roman invasion of Britain because the Romans do not seem to have allowed themselves to be incorporated into the surrounding cultural milieu.) The point is, migration of the homo sapiens species is the rule, not the exception. So if there is a genetically PURE species on this planet, the cockroach has a better chance than our species. Genetic “impurity” is as true for nations as it is for the homo sapiens species at large . Only profoundly virulent anti-Semites dwell on “Jewish genetics” as a means of asserting that the Jews of today are not really Jews, or that Jews are not really the people referred to in the Bible.

The Jewish people ARE a people, a NATION, because of the common heritage, history, and culture they share, including their LAND. Even Jews who are indifferent to their Jewish heritage, including Jews who are atheists, are still Jews for one overriding reason: Jewish LAW recognizes them as such, they having been born of a Jewish mother. And Jewish law also has an immigration-naturalization policy traceable back to the Hebrew Bible (the Tanach): Joseph’s wife (an Egyptian), the wives of Joseph’s brothers (probably mostly Canaanite women), the “mixed-multitude” going out from Egypt with the children of Israel and, most notably, Ruth (from Moab), from whom the kings of Judah descended. In short, the Jewish nation’s composition has never been, and is not now, dependent on a eugenics program towards which misguided, bigoted minds gravitate in their concept of nations, reminiscent of the mass-murdering subhuman dictator with the Charlie Chaplin mustache. In other words, to think of the Jewish people as not being a nation because it is genetically mixed is absurd given the fact that its very existence from inception depended upon genetic mixing. As far as Ashkenazi Jews are concerned, they are one extension of the Jewish dispersion precipitated first by the Babylonian expulsion and, more so, by the more recent Roman expulsion: i.e., Jews who eventually migrated to Europe. After Judea was crushed by the Romans in 135, large numbers of its citizens were dispersed around the world, including Europe. It should not be amazing to anyone that over the centuries some peoples with whom they had contact, in whose environs they lived, became part of them: i.e. IMMIGRATED! People who emphasize this, who exaggerate this, are often anti-Semites attempting to delegitimize the Jewish people, such as the author of the screed to which I am now responding.

As far as the “Palestinians” go, the only people qua people to which are referred possessing such an identity was a political mechanism created in the early twentieth century and demonically utilized by bloodthirsty subhuman Arafat in just one more attempt to delegitimize the Jews as a people. The ARABS that lived in British Mandated Palestine might legitimately have been designated as “Palestinians,” as the Jews living in the same territory might have been . . . and WERE. Before the creation of the modern state of Israel, the Jews referred to themselves as “Palestinians,” a term which the Arabs living in the same territory at that time eschewed!

“Judging from news reports, one might think that Palestinian nationalism has been active as long as Jews and Arabs have been living at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. And as Yasir Arafat rides high since his declaration of a Palestinian state, there is an understandable tendency in the West to accept at face value his insistence that the Palestinians have always sought an independent Palestinian state. In fact, this is far from the truth.

“The idea of an Arab state resting between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is, rather, a twentieth-century concept. Indeed, its origins can be traced with surprising precision to a single year — 1920. In January 1920, Palestinian nationalism hardly existed; by December of that critical year, it had been born.” [Daniel Pipes, THE YEAR THE ARABS DISCOVERED PALESTINE, (Middle East Review Mail, Summer 1989):] (For complete details, please visit the above url.)

Many are ignorant as to the origin of the name Palestine which, in its current use, designated the land area that was the British Mandate, which included what is now Israel and Jordan. As for the west bank of the Jordan River, it was illegally occupied by Jordan in 1950 (an action recognized only by Great Britain, Iraq, and Pakistan. [] []. Previous to the British Mandate the entire land area basically comprising what is now Israel and Jordan was Judea:

“When Herodotus in the fifth century B.C.E. mentions Palestine he refers only to the coastal area, so called because it had been inhabited by the PHILISTINES; or he is speaking loosely, since the only part of the area that he had visited was apparently along the coast. During the Persian and Ptolemaic periods, the entire area between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean from Cilicia to Egypt is called Coele-Syria. The term JUDAEA, as used by such writers as Hecataeus of Abdera, Clearchus of Soli, and even the anti-Jewish Manetho in the early third century B.C.E. [sic] refers to that part of the area inhabited predominately by Jews. That the official term for this region is JUDAEA may be seen from military diplomas and other inscriptions, as well as from coins prior to the time of Hadrian. It is so designated in the official letter of the Emperor Claudius to the Alexandrians of the first century, as well as by such writers as Plutarch, Tacitus, and Suetonius at the beginning of the second century. Moreover, writers on geography of the first century clearly differentiate Judaea from Palestine. Even vicious anti-Jewish writers such as Apion, Chaeremon, and Seneca in the first century, generally do not use the term PALESTINE. Jewish writers, notably Philo and Josephus, with few exceptions refer to the land as JUDAEA, reserving the name PALESTINE for the coastal area occupied by the Philistines. It is only centuries later, perhaps the fifth century, that we find the name PALESTINE in a rabbinic work. Occurrences of the adjective PALESTINIAN in such poets as Tibullus, Ovid, and Statius are due to metrical considerations; PALESTINIAN as a noun does not appear in all antiquity.” [Louis H. Feldman, STUDIES IN HELLENISTIC JUDAISM (Brill, 1996):

During the period of the Roman empire Judaea was an adjunct to Provincia Syria. In the year 132 actions of the emperor Hadrian precipitated a Judean rebellion against Rome:

“The second to third century Greek-writing Roman historian Cassius Dio (Roman History 69.12) said it was Hadrian’s decision to rename Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina, to establish a Roman colony there, and to build a pagan temple. A complication of this is the possible retraction of a promise by Hadrian to rebuild the Jewish Temple.” [N.S. Gill, REASONS FOR THE BAR KOCHBA REVOLT, (About.comAncient/Classical History):]

Led by Shimon bar Kochva (in English, Simon bar Kochba), a military genius of the first order, Judea liberated herself from the Roman yolk and remained free for three years. Hadrian re-invaded Judea, using all of the military power at his command to crush the rebellion, including stripping the Roman frontiers of legions guarding against barbarian incursions. It took the full weight of the Roman empire at the zenith of its power to crush tiny Judea, whereas Attila, the bloodthirsty, subhuman, mass-murdering Hun, was unable to defeat Rome when she was in her death throws. The Jews, not the “Palestinians,” not the Arabs, not the Muslims, not the Khazars, fought the Roman Titan to the death for freedom. Hadrian destroyed Judea, but in the process he lost three legions and immense treasure. His victory was so costly, that he negated the traditional victory statement to the Roman senate:

“Many Romans, moreover, perished in this war. Therefore Hadrian in writing to the senate did not employ the opening phrase commonly affected by the emperors, ‘If you and our children are in health, it is well; I and the legions are in health.’” [Cassius Dio Cocceianus; ROMAN HISTORY, BOOK LXIX: (c. 222 C.E.).]

In a fit of revenge, Hadrian desired to eradicate the memory of the Jews. The method he chose was to rename Judea after a people who once inhabited the adjacent coastal plain: the Philistines! Numismatic evidence attests to the fact that Hadrian changed the name of Judea to Palestina:

“Coins of Hadrian issued before the Bar Kochba rebellion in 132 C.E. refer to JUDAEA; within a few years after the rebellion the name of JUDAEA was officially changed to PALESTINE, the aim being to obliterate the Jewish character of the land, with the name of the nearest tribe being applied to the entire area. Yet, even after the name was officially changed, some inscriptions, as well as such literary figures as Galen and Celsus in the second century, Dio Cassius and Origen in the third century, and Eusebius and Jerome in the fourth century, still refer to JUDAEA.” [Louis H. Feldman, STUDIES IN HELLENISTIC JUDAISM (Brill, 1996):

The modern Jewish diaspora was one result of this defeat. Many Jews, dispossessed of their homes in Judea, migrated east and west, settling in lands both in Asia and Europe. Centuries later, when the Jews were expelled from Spain, many more settled in North Africa and Eastern Europe, including Poland. At that point in time if tribes (such as the Khazars), and various individuals were attracted to Judaism, it would not have been a unique historical phenomenon for a religion or a culture to attract new people. But it must be borne in mind that the religion Judaism (an example of a people’s canonization of its history) is essentially and outgrowth of the Jewish NATION. To say that “The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women” flies in the face of history. The Jewish people did not exist in prehistoric times, nor did Judaism. Abraham is an historic figure. Even if one does not accept the Hebrew Bible as history, Abraham, the father of the Israelite nation (which included the tribe of JUdah), in the narration’s context existed in historical times which were dominated by such historical powers as Egypt, the Hittites, the Canaanites, etc. On the other hand, “Palestinians” were nowhere to be found because they did not exist. The Philistines were not Arabs, but were an Aryan people who migrated from Mediterranean islands (most notably Crete) to the coastal plain of Gaza at the same time Joshua and the Israelites were entering the land from the east.

In contrast to the Jewish experience of losing their homeland due to a malicious Roman emperor’s mad whim, what today are referred to as “Palestinians”–i.e. Arabs who lived in the three national/geographic entities of Jordan, Egypt, or Palestine (the territory so named by Hadrian)–never had a nation of their own. They lived as tribes or individuals in the three above named entities, or as citizens of Jordan or Egypt. In the entity known as Palestine, when the British Mandate ended, Palestinian Jews became Israelis, and Palestinian Arabs either fled at the behest of invading Arab armies–and became refugees (to be used as fodder and ammo for the terrorists war with Israel and the west)–or remained to become Israeli citizens.

The screed continues:

“According to [Shlomo] Sand, Judaism was originally, like its two cousins, a proselytising [sic] religion, and mass conversions to Judaism occurred among the Khazars in the Caucasus, Berber tribes in North Africa, and in the Himyarite Kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula.”

A long held tradition in Judaism, going back centuries, frowns on seeking converts. It has been a long held rabbinic practice to discourage those who seek to become Jews. The thinking behind this is that anyone who does become a Jew must be serious about his or her commitment: immigration AND naturalization.

Further down, the screed’s virulent anti-Semitic outpouring produces the following quote:

“The Israelis are mainly gangsters from such places as Russia, the USA, and North Africa. It was the Jews who invented the Wahhabi/Salafi Islamist movement.”

Question: how is it that “The Israelis are mainly gangsters from such places as Russia, the USA, and North Africa,” when half of Israelis are SEPHARDIC or MIZRAHI Jews, descendants of the nearly one millions Jews expelled from Arab countries in the twentieth century, only SOME of them North African?

“Nearly half of all Israeli Jews are descended from Jews who made aliya [immigration] from Europe, while around the same number are descended from Jews who made aliyah from Arab countries, Iran, Turkey and Central Asia. Over two hundred thousand are, or are descended from, Etheopian and Indian Jews.” [ISRAELI JEWS (Wikipedia):

The screed continues:

“It was the Jews who helped set up al Qaeda and ISIS.

“It is the Jews who are behind most acts of terrorism, worldwide.”

This would be unworthy of a serious response if ignorance did not abound due to a mass-media misinformation campaign concerning Israel, the Jews, and the “Palestinians.”

How is it possible that the Jews “invented the Wahhabi/Salafi Islamist movement,” when these movements have the Jews as their primary target? The author of the screed to which I am responding is truly depending on widespread abysmal ignorance for him to disgorge such deformed obvious fantasies. I will just point out that it is not Jews (or Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or agnostics, or atheists) who are committing serial mass murder throughout the world. It is the ISLAMISTS who are perpetrating such crimes, because they are incapable of living in peace with their neighbors, whether is it in the Middle East, the Far East, India, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa: all areas with minimal Jewish populations with the exception of the Middle East where close to one hundred percent of the Jews live in Israel. Wherever the Islamists are, they perpetrate mass murder, rape, genital mutilation of women, and torture, such as currently being perpetrated by ISIS and Hamas, including decapitations of children and adults, and the crucifixion of Christians:






I can spend a week collecting urls describing and depicting the medieval, subhuman barbarism of the Islamo-nazis, but time and space disallows such an effort. However, no Israelis or Jews are in these places or commit these crimes. The author of the screed to which I am responding is disseminating a blood libel. I am disseminating facts.

With regard to the photographs of horrific scenes of physical mutilation ascribed to the Israelis by the anti-Semitic screed to which I am responding, three things should be noted:

1) the Israelis put their own soldiers at risk in order to minimize risk to civilians. Israel does not have to invade with ground forces to eliminate Hamas missile sites and strongholds. They can bomb Gaza back to the stone age, a la Dresden. On the other hand, it is common knowledge that the Hamas barbarian subhumans purposely fire their rockets from and store their rockets in civilian areas, including apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, mosques, etc. That is their PR mechanism! It is worth it to the subhuman vermin known as Hamas for their people to die, to be “martyrs,” and go to “heaven” for the sake of the larger cause of damaging Israel’s world image. Hamas uses their own men, women, and children as fodder in a PR war against Israel.

2) According to the IDF as many as “Thirty-six percent of the rockets intended for Israel fell short in Gaza,” while according to Algemeiner editor Dovid Efune, “. . . as many as twenty-five percent of Hamas rockets in Gaza fall short and kill innocents.” [Jordan Schachtel, SCORES OF HAMAS ROCKETS FALL SHORT IN GAZA, KILLING INNOCENTS (Breitbart, July 31, 2014):

3) Israel is fighting a war of SELF-DEFENSE! If Hamas didn’t fire rockets into Israel, Israel would not have retaliated. The firing of rockets into Israel from Gaza has been a perennial Hamas affair, as well as cross-border shootings at Israelis. This takes a huge psychological toll on people living in Israel, with the constant disruption of daily life which includes the necessity of living in bomb shelters. Also, the newly discovered tunnels constructed by the barbarian Hamas was a malicious scheme born of conscienceless subhuman minds to infiltrate Israel for the purpose of mass murdering and kidnapping men, women, and childen. Only heavy retaliation by Israel stopped the tunnels and slowed down the rockets. The anti-Israel outcry should be an anti-Hamas outcry! Here is the analogy: a bank robber grabbing a hostage and beging shooting people in the bank at random while holding the hostage in front of him as a shield. The police must shoot the man to stop him from murdering anyone, and though they strenuously try not hit the innocent shield, they inadvertently kill the person. Who is at fault? The subhuman fiend who held the human shield while trying to murder as many innocents as he could, or the cops for taking the fiend down, preventing death and injury to others, but in the process inadvertently killing the human shield? But anti-Semites are certainly not going to blame Hamas for starting the conflict, but are always ready to blame Israel for finishing it, because bigots have a hateful agenda that twists reality into its opposite: evil is good and good is evil.

Next, the anti-Semitic screed to which I am responding attacks the Jews through the very record of Jewish raison d’êtra: the Hebrew Bible. As if contradiction is meaningless, the writer of the screed takes no chances of leaving any possibility of vilification of the Jews untouched by now becoming a perverted biblical exegete, quoting biblical passages out of context, and purposely twisting their meanings and intents after earlier attempting to dissociate the Jews from their biblical past (“The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women” ).

The anti-Semite who authored the screed to which I respond implies that King David participated in an act of mindless psychopathic mass murder, like the Islamist Hamas and ISIS subhumans when he sent seven of Saul’s sons to the Gibeonites to be hanged. It began thusly: David inquired of God concerning an unalterable famine that had lasted three years. God’s response was: “It is for Saul, and for his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites.” (2Samuel 21:1b, KJV).

One may or may not consider the Hebrew Bible to be a literal history. If one does think so, then one recognizes the God of this Bible to be real. If that is so, and this Being who is literally omniscient–seeing all time and space as we view a movie, He existing outside of His creation of time and space, though having the power to intervene in its midst–tells King David that Saul, when king, committed egregious mass murder against the Gibeonites with whom Israel had an age old covenant, then one understands why David no longer wonders as to the origin of the seemingly endless famine, a blight resulting in mass starvation! The Gibeonites response to David’s question as to what he could do to expiate for Saul’s crimes was that he should send to them seven of Saul’s sons to be hanged before God at the place of Saul’s crime.

“David knew he must somehow make atonement for Saul’s sin and obtain the blessing of the Gibeonites to regain God’s blessings by the removal of the famine. This is truly an amazing thing we are told. The Gibeonites must ‘bless’ Israel, the people of God, in order for God to once again bless Israel.” [Robert L. Deffinbaugh, PROMISE BREAKERS AND PROMISE KEEPERS (2 SAMUEL 21) (, June 1st 2004):

Even if one does not accept Hebrew Bible as literal history, the point is, that within the story’s context, what King David did was not an act of mindless psychopathic murder, as is the case with Hamas, ISIS, and other Islamo-fascists. The writer of the anti-Semitic screed to which I am responding, or others, may object saying that the Islamists also claim to be doing God’s will. Here is the glaring, unalterable, unexpurgated difference: the prophets of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) do not imagine they hear “God,” do not suppose that this or that is what “God” wants them to do. The nava’im (Hebrew biblical prophets), literally hear God’s voice in their physical ears! As was the case when the boy Samuel heard God call his name, and Samuel mistook it for the voice of Eli, the high priest. (I Sam. 3:2-9) Even an atheist who views the narrative as fiction must concede that within the story’s context, the deliverance by David of Saul’s offspring to the Gibeonites is not mindless psychopathy–assuming the atheist in question is a devotee of literary art.

Next the writer of the anti-Semitic screed to which I respond cites various passages in the Hebrew Bible as depicting its protagonists participating in human sacrifice. The writer then cites Ezekiel: “Ezekiel says God made the Israelites offer their children by fire.” This may be a reference to Ez. 20:26, but the writer not citing a passage makes it obvious that he is more interested in producing libel than in effecting accuracy. The literal translation of Ez. 20:26 is as follows: “And I polluted them in their own gifts, in that they caused to pass all that opens the womb, that I might make them desolate, in the end that they might know that I am the LORD.” Some translations read similarly to the following: “And I polluted them in their own gifts, in that they caused to pass THROUGH THE FIRE all that opens the womb . . .” Biblical scholars have struggled with the passages of Ez. 20 for centuries. The possibility exists that the text is corrupt due to missing characters or words, or that any missing words were understood in their absence. Therefore two points must be made: 1) Human sacrifice of any kind is strictly prohibited by the Torah. If protagonists in the Hebrew Bible are depicted as participating in human sacrifice, it is because the Hebrew Bible is relating accurate history. It is showing such protagonists (largely the kings of Israel and of Judah) to be VIOLATING God’s laws. There are multitudinous passages in the Hebrew Bible citing laws and depicting the prophets opposing these practices and accusing the perpetrators of criminal behavior in the violation of God’s law: Lev. 20:2-5; Deut. 18:10; 2K.16:3, 21:6; Is. 57:4-5; Jer. 7:31, 19:3-5; Ez. 20:31. The writer of the anti-Semitic screed to which I am responding had an agenda which forbade him from citing the above passages: more BLOOD LIBEL against the Jewish people and their Book.

2) The Hebrew Bible is not a panegyric of the virtues and heroism of its protagonists. It is an accurate description of their actions, including those of human goodness, and those of despicable criminality. So when King David sends Uriah the Hittite to his death so that he can commit adultery with Uriah’s wife, the Bible does not try to cover it up in order to make one of its heroes look good. Instead, it exposes David to public view: the prophet Nathan confronts him, and when it is explained to the king by the prophet that a criminal in his kingdom who possessed a herd stole an innocent citizen’s one sheep, David’s anger rose and he inquired of the prophet who this man is that he may face punishment. “And Nathan said to David: ‘You are the man. . . . Why have you despised the word of the LORD, to do that which is evil in My sight?’” (2Sam. 12:7, 9) If protagonists in the Hebrew Bible commit crimes, it is because of the protagonist’s own wicked behavior, not because the Hebrew Bible commands, encourages, or exonerates such behavior. The laws of the Torah are directed AGAINST criminal behavior: “Why have you despised the word of the LORD, to do that which is evil in My sight?”

The writer of the anti-Semitic screed to which I now respond uses the following quotation from the prophet Jeremiah:

“And I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and their daughters, and every one shall eat the flesh of his neighbour in the siege and in the distress, with which their enemies and those who seek their life afflict them.” (Jer. 19:9)

What is the writer of this anti-Semitic screed trying to prove? God is not approving cannabalism, but is telling Judah through the prophet what they are to expect for deviating from His law and behaving criminally.

Then, “Joshua said: ‘At the cost of his first-born shall he lay its foundation, and at the cost of his youngest son shall he set up its gates.’” (Josh. 6:26-27) This is presented as if it might be a general rule for city building, that first-born children are to be buried (perhaps alive?) at the new city’s foundation. This is not a dictum invoking human sacrifice, but a prohibition against rebuilding the just destroyed city of Jericho.

The anti-Semitic screed to which I respond attacks the Kabala:

“And the Kabala (one important form of Judaism) does not renounce worldly desires, such as lust, greed and power.”

The following sums up the intent of the Kabala, refuting any negative implications written by the screed’s author:

“The code behind reality, the concept that breathes life into the equations and makes them real. Men and women have sacrificed their food, their comfort, traveled great distances and paid with their very lives to come to know these things. There is not a culture in the world that does not have its teachings to describe them. In Jewish teaching, they are described in the Kabbalah.”

[Tzvi Freeman, KABBALAH DEFINED ( – Torah, Judaism and Jewish info):

The screed then outdoes itself by showing a fifteenth century depiction of Jews sacrificing a Christian child (a striking irony, as now Islamists are sacrificing Christian children all over the Middle East and Africa), and by associating Hasidism and Sabbateanism with Satanism, stating that Judaism may be a satanic cult:

“‘Is it possible … that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion, which has subverted humanity using Freemasonry as its instrument?’ Respected Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem said that Jewish Sabbateanism (a Satanic adaption of the Kabala) is the basis of Hasidism (a branch of Orthodox Judaism), Reform Judaism, and freemasonry.”

The Sabbatteans were follows of Sabbatai Zevi, a rabbi who “was proclaimed to be the Jewish Messiah in 1665 by Nathan of Gaza.” Zevi eventually converted to Islam. [SABBATEANS (Wikipedia) Though Zevi’s followers continued to cling to the idea that he was the messiah, the movement was doomed.

The following explains the relationship between Sabbateanism and Hasidism:

“There are two major schools of thought concerning the affiliation of Hasidism with Shabbateanism–one holding that Hasidism, in revulsion, moved away from messianic fervor; the other viewing tzaddikism as one of a number of strong links between Hasidism and Shabbateanism. In my view, Hasidism lowered the tone, and scattered the messianic focus of Shabbateanism, and thereby made it legitimate. No longer was attention concentrated exclusively on a single figure, nor was the apocalyptic passion so inflamed. Hasidism localized Shabbateanism, affording each shtetl (Jewish village or quarter) a messiah of its own, the tzaddik. This localism was erected on the Shabbatean deemphasis [sic] of what had been the prime goal of messianism: the return of the Jews to the land of Israel and the reestablishment of the messianic movement there. The shtetle locale became the Jerusalem of the Hasidic following, the primary pilgrimage site; there, the faithful brought their offerings, heard prophecies, gazed upon, ate at the table with, and actually had audiences with, the rebbe or tzaddik.”

[Prof. Harris Lenowitz’s THE JEWISH MESSIAHS (Oxford University Press), pp. 200-201; originally posted on Donmeh mail list Sun, 14 Mar 1999:

Neither Shabbateanism nor Hasidism have any relationship to “satanism.”

The last item cited in the flagitious screed to which I will respond is, “Judaism is not a religion because its God is not universal…” It is astonishing how anti-Semites bristle at the concept of the Jews as “the chosen people,” a concept which indicates that if this people were chosen, the chooser is an entity independent of them, i.e. possibly universal. Anti-Semites deny the God of Israel, the God of the Jews, as a universal God, because He is “tribal,” i.e., a God that is attached to a nation, i.e. local, restricted. They find the very thought of a universal God having anything to do with Jews as intolerable! So, in their unwillingness to analyze the facts–because anti-Semites, like all bigots, are not interested in discovering the facts–they are misguided into false arguments by their FEELINGS of hatred. Here are the facts: we are discussing God as He is portrayed in the Hebrew Bible. In this book God is portrayed as having created the universe, meaning that within the context of this book’s narrative, God is universal (regardless as to whether or not one accepts the narration as non-fiction). This God is also shown to have chosen the twelve tribes of Israel. Therefore, within the context of the Hebrew Bible’s narrative, the universal God chose a single nation. Even non-hating reasonable people, decent human beings who are not bigots, might ask, “why would a universal God choose a nation?” Such a person might also ask, “is this universal God showing favoritism? If He is, how can He be considered just?” Here’s the answer to the riddle:

The philosopher and Hebrew Bible exegete Martin Buber once distinguished between myth/legend and history in the Book of Genesis. He explained that when dealing with early Genesis you are often dealing with myth and legend. He further wrote that when you reach the story of Abraham, you have reached “the bedrock of history.” The writer of Genesis was not, in the book’s opening, attempting to explain astrophysics or astronomy. The writer’s sole purpose was to describe, in the only language available, the activity of the Super Being (the existence of Whom the writer was aware) who created the universe. This Being’s first activity was the Creation itself. It is inconsequential that the writer was unfamiliar with the Big Bang, with countless galaxies outside of our own, and possible multi-dimensions. The writer’s sequence is as follows: First the Super Being created the universe and the world; then He created the species of this planet, including ours (evolution of species like astrophysics is not an issue for the writer); then He communicated to various individuals of our species in an attempt to guide the species. When He saw that the species development failed to improve, He selected a new methodology: the choosing of a nation. This writer’s SOLE PURPOSE was to show why the Super Being eventually entered into and participated in historical events.

Earlier in this piece I wrote concerning a “Being who is literally omniscient: seeing all time and space as we view a movie, He existing outside of His creation of time” (past, present, future as one unit) “and space” (from the Big Bang to the end of its expansion), “though having the power to intervene in its midst.” This eternal Super Being creates the universe–precipitates the Big Bang and watches it expand into its billions of galaxies, multi-billions of star systems, and planets more multitudinous than all the grains of sand in all of the deserts and beaches of planet Earth. He watches life form on various of the planets. His interest is in evolution . . . of the SPIRIT (“spirit” meaning the electro-essence infused in all living creatures). He views one of the planets (and it is likely He views other planets as well) on which a species forms whose intelligence is superior to that of mere animals: that is, a species capable of activities more advanced than eating, sleeping, feeling, procreating. One of these advanced activities is the basis for the others: THINKING. It can make CONSCIOUS choices. He also sees in this ever moving picture of time and space (of which He is not a part, but in whose midst He can intervene) that the end of this species is self-destruction! An adjunct to this species’ consciousness is its ability to choose, including choosing how to regard fellow members of his species: the potential exists for this species to have a CONSCIENCE. The Super Being knows that due to the preponderance of individuals of the species who have been unsuccessful in developing a conscience the species is doomed, programed to self-destruct. Because this Super Being also sees the scientific advances this species achieves, most pointedly in ULTIMATE weaponry, He concludes* that He must guide this species away from suicide! Speaking to a decent human individual early in history or late in history is not going to effectively allow for communication with the entire species. So He CHOOSES a nation to utilize as a MICROCOSM. To this nation He will give a set of principles– within a national context viewed as laws–so individual members of this nation and the nation as a whole, will have sure guiding principles for life with conscience; and He will send individuals who are more spiritually advanced than those of the general population–including more spiritually advanced than the population’s leaders, including their kings–and use them as living mediums between Him and the chosen nation. These are the prophets: their essential purpose is not prognostication, but communication! The Super Being knows the nation will fail, will be destroyed and its people dispersed; knows they will suffer the tortures of the damned at the hands of wicked members of their species (homo sapiens) throughout their sojourn outside of their country . . . an essential component of their learning experience as a people, an experience allowing them to relate to others in similar circumstances. The Super Being knows that the world will approach the brink of destruction even when this chosen people begin their return to the land He gave to their progenitors, a large portion of this return occurring after this people’s sojourn in the very pit of Holocaust Hell. They are the Microcosm of the entire species which itself has sojourned in Hell all of its existence: wars, pestilence, planetary disasters, suffering, more wars, more suffering, wars, slaughters, suffering. . . and death, often torturous. Many of us have evolved spiritually from these experiences. Many have not. The latter are gathering to strike at the rest of us!

[*For the sake of communication we utilize language. This must be the case even when alluding to or describing the indescribable, the ineffable. The Super Being does not CONCLUDE, or THINK in a sense which assumes He does not already know. For the sake of communication amongst ourselves, we are forced to use time-bound language in an attempt to describe the interaction with us of a boundless Being.]

How long will it be before Hamas, ISIS, Al-Queda, or subhumans with other name designations attain nuclear weaponry. The North Koreans have them. Does it make anyone feel safe to know that a psychopathic dictator possesses such weaponry? The Iranian mullahs are close. They believe world chaos and destruction will initiate the coming of the Twelfth Imam, their demented version of a culmination of history. They believe murdering “infidels” is a virtue worthy of Muslim “Heaven.” When they get their nukes, will it make anyone feel safer to know they have them?

One day the Super Being will designate an individual–a Jew–in the Land of Israel with instructions to rebuild the Temple. From this spot the Super Being will communicate with the entire species. True justice and goodness from God Himself will go out from this one spot on the planet to the entire species around the planet. Subhumans will be eliminated. Planet Earth for the first time in its history will be a place of sanity, a place of goodness, a place of peace and harmony. It will be the end of Hell on Earth:

“The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.” (Is. 2:1-5)

THIS is the purpose of His having chosen a nation. HERE, all you anti-Zionists, is the origin of the term “Zion”: the mountain of the LORD, i.e., the Temple Mount! Not out of Islam, but “out of Zion.” Or does anyone think it an accident that the Jews have survived for millennia outside of their land? How many conquered and expelled nations have disappeared from the map of history? Yet the Jewish people outlasted all of their conquerors: the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Hellenic-Syrians, the Romans, Nazi Germany. Is this a coincidence? Atheists believe the universe is a coincidence–that all existence self created! Is that rational thinking? Is it rational thinking to consider Jewish survival–over millennia against what is considered to be immeasurable, IMPOSSIBLE, odds–an accident? But with this event there is no gambling involved. The Hand of God guides us through the morass of history to its successful culmination.




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Brooklyn born, the author, with years of experience/research, contends that Earth is a Lunatic Asylum. HYPERSPACE gives one explanation as to why.
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