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One thing is certain: the death of Trayvon Martin was not a result of an accidental shooting.  So either Zimmerman purposefully shot and killed Trayvon Martin out of malice or because he was insane (i.e. murdered him), or Zimmerman’s account of shooting Martin in self-defense is correct, in which case Zimmerman, had he not taken the action he did, would himself probably be six feet under even as I write.  And Martin would be alive–which would make many black racists happy.

The following is the scenario that occurred the night of the shooting as I have gathered in bits and pieces, from non-mainstream talk radio programs; from video and audio recordings as well as from articles, whose sources were various non-mainstream media internet outlets:

When George Zimmerman saw an unknown individual walking in Sanford, he called 911 and reported his seeing a suspicious looking individual.  When the 911 dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he could identify the ethnicity of the individual (black, Hispanic, white, etc.–a portion of the recording conveniently deleted from its original NBC airing), Zimmerman replied that he looked black.  The dispatcher advised Zimmerman not to leave his van to pursue the individual in question.  The dispatcher also asked Zimmerman if he could give the address of the nearby house.  Zimmerman said he didn’t know the street number but that he would go out and look.

In the meantime, Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend.  He told her he was being followed.  She advised him to walk quickly away.  He disregarded that advise.

(How interesting that the mainstream media constantly harps on Zimmerman’s supposedly disregarding the 911 dispatcher’s advice not to pursue, but hardly mentions Martin’s disregarding his girlfriend’s advice to walk quickly away.  But the truth seems to be that Zimmerman left his van not to pursue Martin, but to retrieve a house street number.)

The next bit of information I gleaned was that Martin approached Zimmerman and asked him if he had a problem.  Zimmerman replied in the negative, turned, and began walking back to his van.  At which point Martin approached him, punched him in the face resulting in a broken nose for Zimmerman, and then, in the midst of the altercation that followed Martin had Zimmerman on the ground.  In this position, Martin atop Zimmerman, the former tried to grab the latter’s gun, while saying, “I’m going to kill you.”  Not succeeding in accessing Zimmerman’s gun, Martin began banging the prostrate Zimmerman’s head into the cement walkway.  At this point Zimmerman drew the gun and fired.

Most of these details are from Zimmerman’s own testimony.  However, the account of an eyewitness seems to corroborate Zimmerman’s account.  Zimmerman was clearly on the bottom and Martin on the top during the altercation.

The police and the Sanford prosecutor seemed to agree with that assessment.  Zimmerman was initially arrested, interrogated for five hours, and the prosecutor said that there was not enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman for any crime.

A month went by and the case remained nationally under wraps.  But the Martin family, various groups such as Color of Change, and well known racial gangsters like “Revs.” Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, kept on applying pressure in the right places until the story went viral.  I also received an email from Color of Change (being on their mailing list) asking me to sign a petition supporting an investigation of Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin.  I googled the case, read the meager information that existed at that time, saw the photograph of the brutal looking Zimmerman, and that of the innocent child Trayvon (taken years before) and felt anger against a brute like Zimmerman for murdering an innocent young lad.  In short, the mainstream media was getting ready for the kill!

Their victim would be George Zimmerman.  The facts were inconsequential to them.  The only thing they seemed to care about was that Zimmerman appeared to be white (“a hispanic white,” they say), and Martin was black.  Therefore, the mainstream media concluded, it had to have been a case of virulent racism on the part of white Zimmerman against black Martin.  White on black crime is steak and potatoes for the mainstream media: they love stuffing their faces with such “delicacies.”  I wouldn’t doubt that they hope for such a crime to occur just so they can piggishly feed and feel nice and comfortable after an extremely satisfying meal.  I could actually think that they might even create such a story so they could have a media newsgasm over it.

And lo! NBC played a doctored audio which made it seem that Zimmerman was probably a racial bigot, and ABC showed a fuzzy video of Zimmerman in which no blood or lacerations were visible (which were quite visible in the enhanced version), thus enforcing the racial hucksters and the ignorant in their feeling that a twisted bigot out of racial hatred murdered an innocent young black.  And indeed, the racial gangsters, Sharpton and Jackson, were stoking the flames of racial division, and New Black Panther subhumans were and are threatening bloodbaths: a “red sea.”  And Obama opens his trap telling the world his son would look like Trayvon (i.e., I am black like he); and Attorney General Holder virtually automatically proceeds with a civil rights/hate-crimes investigation . . . the same Eric Holder who dropped the case of the New Black Panther subhumans intimidating voters in the 2008 election; the same Eric Holder who doesn’t issue an order of arrest of these same New Black Panther subhumans for placing a bounty on an American citizen who by law is innocent until proven guilty, and for threatening violent revolution and “bloodshed”!  In the meantime, the pressure continued to build to such a pitch that the state Attorney General opened the case on the state level and is now charging Zimmerman with second degree murder!  Does anyone reading these words understand what has just occurred?  The local District Attorney said there was no evidence that Zimmerman had committed a crime: he acted in self-defense.  Now, suddenly, voila, Zimmerman is facing a second degree murder charge with the possibility of life imprisonment!  In other words, vile gangsters like Sharpton and Jackson and New Black Panther sumhumans, have the Florida Attorney General excreting in her clothing!  And when this case goes to trial and Zimmerman is found not guilty, what must we expect?  When the New Black Panther subhumans threaten race riots, a la the Rodney King affair, will the Florida authorities throw Zimmerman in the slammer despite his having been proven not guilty?

If it’s true that Martin attacked Zimmerman; if its true Martin tried to grab Zimmerman’s gun while saying “I’m going to kill you”; if it’s true that Martin proceeded to bang Zimmerman’s head onto the cement, actually trying to kill him with his bare hands . . . if all of this is true, then when Zimmerman shot him, Martin got what he deserved!

In the meantime, Obama is so concerned with a case that is most likely one of self-defense; is so concerned with what he supposes is a white on black crime, that he interrupts for a moment his overseership of America’s decline, so he can intrude, dragging the office of the Presidency with him, in a case that’s none of his damned business!  All this even while his administration has declined to prosecute Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the subhuman responsible for murdering thirteen of his fellow soldiers and wounding twenty-nine others.  A case that is his damned business!

It is literally true that Obama and his administration have no knowledge of shame, either in word or in state of being.  The truth is, low-life individuals have no real conscience and never feel shame.


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