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OBAMA GIVES $1.5 BILLION TO MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD                             Resource: Michael Savage . Com

“WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE DEFENDING YOUR HOME WITH A FIREARM…”                                                                                                                                      Free download                                                                                                              Resource: Media Research Center

MAJORITY OF AMERICAN JEWS STILL PLAN TO VOTE FOR OBAMA According to poll, majority American Jews plan to vote for Obama, a 20 year congregant of anti-Semitic preacher who shafts Israel whenever he has chance!                                                                            

CNN ENHANCES ZIMMERMAN 911 CALL AGAIN–REPORTER DOUBTS RACIAL SLUR USED                                                                                

L.A. TIMES HAS VIDEO OF OBAMA AT ANTI-ISRAEL BASH!                                 But Times refuses to release tape    



About stanleybrookoff

Brooklyn born, the author, with years of experience/research, contends that Earth is a Lunatic Asylum. HYPERSPACE gives one explanation as to why.
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