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HAIL OBAMA CAESAR!                                                                                                                  Should we worry that “hail” may become “heil”?  Read this and consider . . .

Afghanistan: The Long War:                                                                                                     Can the republic survive?                                

OBAMA’S TSA IN ACTION:                                                                                                      3 year old boy in wheelchair target of Obama’s fascist TSA operatives


School Kids Brainwashed About 9/11!

SIGN PETITION TO LAUNCH INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF TEEN’S KILLING!                                                                                                                                   Was Black Teen Murdered?                                Read news report at:                                                 

UFOs: Is Government Lying?                                                                                              Peter Davenport revealed method of proof on Coast to Coast AM!  See report:


About stanleybrookoff

Brooklyn born, the author, with years of experience/research, contends that Earth is a Lunatic Asylum. HYPERSPACE gives one explanation as to why.
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