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HYPERSPACE [not science-fiction] is the most important novel written in the 20th and 21st centuries because it offers a valid explanation as to why planet Earth has been throughout history to this very moment a place of violence and why the species homo sapiens is programed to self-destruct!

That Planet Earth has been and is a place of erratic behavior can be traced to the widespread mistreatment of people at birth. In the smallest ways (widespread neurotic behavior expressing itself daily throughout the world), and in the largest ways (psychopathy interspersed throughout the world population expressing itself in acts of rape, war, and mass murder), the homo sapiens brain predominates on planet Earth as a malfunctioning organ!

HYPERSPACE shows in great pictorial detail what crimes are committed against the individual at birth, how these crimes twist personality, and what the severe ramifications are later in the individual’s life. If you want to see the brain-transformation process in action in the life of one person from birth onward and thus learn why the Lunatic Asylum of Earth is what it is, you are encouraged to procure a copy of HYPERSPACE, the price of which is minimal. Go to the following site for more information about HYPERSPACE.


About stanleybrookoff

Brooklyn born, the author, with years of experience/research, contends that Earth is a Lunatic Asylum. HYPERSPACE gives one explanation as to why.
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